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Fic: First Friends
by saniika (saniika)
at June 22nd, 2011 (10:01 pm)

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Rating: Pg (?)
Main Characters: Mai T. & Houshou x T./Bou-san
Warnings: none
Summary: What could happen after the anime. Centred on Bou-san, Mai and their relationship. Oneshot (for now - I decided to work on a continue, but dont know how far I will bring it.)

Disclaimer: Ghost Hunt does not belong to me. This was written for pure enjoyinment. This is not betaed and written not in my mother language, so please have that in mind. Please enjoy.
Authors Notes: The fanfiction was first posted at ff.net here. The reviews convinced me to make a continue, thanks. :) I thought Id share it here on LJ too, maybe the fellow fans can give me some new ideas or tips.
Genre: Romance/Friendship (for now...)

First friends

by saniika

"I wish I could stay with them forever." Ever since the "haunted house" case crossed this phrase her mind. Indeed she truly wished for it. To meet regularly people you are familiar with. They weren't like her classmates with which she shared the stress from school or routines in class.

School worries didn't affect Mai very much since her parents death. She learned very quickly about the reality and how the things mattered in real life. It was something more what she shared with the group of SPR.

Ever since the first case she was involved in, she came almost naturally to trust each of the group member. Well, not exactly right away. Naru was the first one she started to believe in completely right from the start.

But in each heart pounding situation she got closer and dependent to them. It was almost like it glued them together, pulled somewhat near.

How come she changed so much? Mai didn't give much thoughts to ghost and spirits. She was a simple girl, quite boring. The usual cheerful character you could easily find in your surrounding. She admitted this to herself long ago. She was plain. And though she learned nine cuts spell, started to have prophetic dreams, still it was nothing to compare with other members abilities. And definitely nothing wroth to stand beside Naru. No one than him made her more realize her own plainness. She simply didn't suit him.

Among growing up more thanks to the cases, this made her realize her own foolish romantic dreams. Sticking to a guy which saw only useful thing in you in preparing tea (sometimes not even that), was just simply not a great perspective in life. Though she still was very grateful to Naru and felt somewhat indebted to him. If it weren't him, she would never probably meet Lin, John, Masako, Ayako and Hoshou.

They all had their negatives, but also adorable positives which made Mai feel among them as siblings, which she never had.

"Well Masako and John could probably be my siblings. But Lin?"

Nah, he was too much... older? No, that wasnt it. She couldnt quite place it, but only word which seem to fit for Lin in her mind was "uncle". Reserved distant uncle, do be precise.

Ayako was quite easy going and Mai could easily imagine her as her aunt which passes down her knowledge about sexual life and relationships with men.

And about Bou-san... She couldnt bring herself to call him Houshou. Not even in her mind. Since the first encounter, he seemed to fit Ayako greatly. They did seem like a pair just by a mer look. It surprised Mai a lot, when they didn't end up together and totally not interest in each other.

The time she spend with them was going by slowly and she found herself enjoying every new case with them.

Soon it was time for Mai to leave school. Finals came near and she had to invest more time into studying. Thus she could take part in case more rarely. And since Naru miraculously waked up from his narcistic state of mind and started to pay attention to her background, he forbid her to take part at all.

She considered to sulk at first, but quickly discovered it would be meaningless. He did have a point and it would be childish to be mad about it. There was a difficult time facing her. Questions about her future life were knocking on the door and Mai secretly became worried though she didn't let anyone notice. Learning for exams was harder than ever. She missed them terribly.

Either way she managed to graduate successfully more or less. Masako graduated in the same time as her, so it came naturally to simultaneous celebration in SPR head-quarters, much to objection of Naru, but he succumbed to the mass of evil glares. It was quite funny, how they acted towards him sometimes, like tired and pitiful employees.

They gathered around the small coffee table and each of them brought some delicious food. Masako and Ayako brought very expensive looking sushi, Lin special tea imported from foreign country and Mai and Bou-san simple homemade snacks and soft drinks. Naru acted like he let them use the room, so it was enough for him to help out.

She had her doubts how the celebration will work out, but soon the merry mood enfolded itself naturally. Even the most reserved guests smiled and added to the discussion. The company dissolved into smaller conversation groups and Mai found herself soon alone on sofa sitting with Bou-san.

After a small exasperated sigh they smiled at each other and fell silent. Usually they had no problems speaking, they understood each other greatly, but Mai seemed to slip her mask from face and Bou-san seemed also to notice. Perhaps because he seemed to consider how to act with her, he looked more serious than usually. Indeed he was a very kind man if you thought about him.

"So, Jou-chan, what are your future plans now?"

Mai didn't want to bother anyone with her problems, but when Bou-san asked her this simple question, it felt somehow very alluring to confess and yet not guilty. He made her feel ok and she decided to stick to that rather than thinking to much about it.

"Honestly, I have no idea. I am glad I graduated, but somewhat will miss the school."

"So how about you continue to study? On university."

"I thought about that actually, but there are two problems. I am not sure in what field I would like to participate and I guess I cant afford it financially anymore."

Bou-san seemed to be slightly wondered and interested to dig in the subject matter more. It didn't feel awkward though, he had this strange ability, making others feeling comfortable around him, no matter what.

"How come?"

"The sensei I am living with will soon marry. The apartment where we live is big enough for two people, but no more. I doubt they will move to some bigger house, since they have little money. And if I imagine they will want to have children soon...I don't want to abuse sensei's kind treatment more than I already did."

"Hm, I see. What do you plan to do than?"

Mai liked she could be so honest and speak about what she thought about. The words enfolded from her lips like cotton candy and it didn't leave a bitter aftertaste.

"I want to search for a job and move out as soon as possible."

Bou-san furrowed his brows even more and looked like thinking very much.

"Didn't your parents leave some heritage money? I don't like the thought of you quiting your studies like this."

"There was some money from insurance, but I used it for my moms funeral and what was left I tried to help out sensei. I didn't want to be indebted."

There was just something fascinating about him, when he looked so serious. In moments like this it occurred to Mai how mature he actually is and what age difference is between them.

"I think you are quite young and thus it will be hard for you to find a job. And without earned money you cant pay the rent. Not to speak of university fees."

"Bou-san, I think I prefer you when you're less serious." She threw herself back on the sofa with exasperated sigh.

He smiled a bit and handed her a glass with soft drink.

"But you cant say you don't like me serious either." He teased her with mocking tone.

"Yeah, yeah... ha-ha!" She took a lazy sip from glass and left it in her mouth hanging like a sulking kid.

"Studying is really important and one can extend ones youth beautifully like this too. You will have whole life time to work. And with a better education and certificates you will surely have better chances to find a desired workplace."

"Bou-san, don't worry too much about it. I will work hard to succeed. I am sure effort is the best solution."

"How about I employ you?"

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"Well as a band member I am most of the time out of the house. Concerts and practicing eat pretty much time. Like this I don't have much time and strength to clean my flat or cook healthy food.

There isn't much to clean, since I don't make much mess, but I would really appreciate some warm food regularly instead of instant soup and hot-dogs. Simply said, I could use a bit help."

She must have been looking quite dumbfounded, because he looked a bit reluctant to continue with his speech.

"As a housekeeper and a cook you could get the needed money for the university and have plenty time to study too. I could also let you stay in my flat for free, since it would be more convenient to have you there available."

Ah, there she spilled some drink on her knees and carpet! Naru will be angry. Bou-san sure could be funny when he wanted.

They both blushed a bit and averted their view. Mai started to mumble about appreciating the offer, but being unable to accept it because of various reasons and him being to kind. Their behavior started to attract more curious gazes and thus Bou-san attempted to settle the conversation smoothly to pleasant end.

"I cant think of anyone more suitable for the job and it would help me out honestly. You could also move in only for a time being till you find your own flat. I know it is a bit sudden, but please think about it in peace and take as much time as you need to decide."

He handed her over a hankie to wipe of the mess and refiled her glass. Ayako was nearing the sofa and thus he excused himself quickly and escaped to toilet.

Ayako didn't waste time and sat herself very near to Mai and cast a very threatening look on her blushing cheeks.

"Sooo, what was that all about?"

"Ah, well, nothing particular. Just, um..."

She felt Ayako's suspicious heavy look roaming over her. Ah, this couldn't get more worse. Once Ayako decided on something one could hardly shake her off.

"The pervy ojaji monk didn't harass you or something, didn't he?" The grimaces she made during her interrogation were very transparent and Mai couldn't help but finding it funny.

"Common, you can tell me. Don't be shy!"

That gave her the needed rest and Mai started to laugh loud out, getting attention of everyone. The surprised and confused look of Ayako fueled the hysterical laughing Mai's attack even more. The room trembled with "what, what?" and soon everyone was laughing hard too.

As Bou-san returned to the room, he got attacked right away by Ayako and the fun continued for more hours.

Mai stared at the screen of her cell displaying Bou-san's email address what seemed like for ages. The more she thought of it, the less negatives she found in the whole thing.

It was a great opportunity for her to get rid of serious stress and concentrate on where she wants to study and what to do next without worrying about having a place to go or what she would eat for next dinner.

She knew him for a longer time, could trust him (she could verify this in dangerous situation numerous times) and they really seemed to understand each other. He was talkative, polite and nice.

Well he was a grown up man, but she had the feeling she could trust him in this way too. He did make some advantages on her, but it was always in humorous way.

Yes, there were really no objections anymore left in her conscience. Even the green neon like light shining on her face seemed to invite her to call him.

Call him. Yeah, that's easier said than done. Why does this always happen to me.

Mai, you must face this properly as a grown up woman and handle the problem. Call him!

This encouraging lasted about five more minutes till she actually dared to write him a email.

He didn't answer right away, but instead he called her quite unexpectedly right in the middle of Naru's office.

She got so startled from her phone ringing she managed to dropped and scattered tea leaves around Naru's precious carpet again.

Though he didn't comment her actions and only lowered his head back to paper work when she went out of office to take the incoming call.

With trembling fingers she picked up to hear his calming voice. They agreed to meet after the work and go checking out Bou-san's flat.

After the call ended she thought about it a while and was glad he wasn't pushy at all. Intact he even wanted her to make sure and see his home, to make sure.

It took her some time to settle down and cool down her blushing cheeks. And Naru didn't even bothered to rise up his head this time.

The bus stop was empty and only place not covered in snow. Mai was hiding under it's shelter. The red thick coat wrapped around her small figure and made her resemble a giant raspberry.

Just like this Houshou perceived her appearance and found her cheeks adorably flustered by the cold. They appointed previously to meet there and walked the remaining part to his flat.

His apartment was located quite near to the center of the city but the surrounding looking like quiet and friendly neighborhood. His home was one among other apartments in a complex building.

They walked up the stairs and stopped before the simple metal door overhead door closer.

"Please, come in. Make yourself at home."

The first thing she noticed was a nice smell reminding her a bit of pine tree.

"Thank you, I hang your coat here. After the entrance hall follows the main room. There on the left side is a kitchen corner."

The floor was covered with thick fluffy white carpet and promised a pleasant sensation. Walls and ceiling were painted white but there were also few framed pictures which seemed to be artistic photographs and on some of them was Bou-san with other people. Probably his band members.

There weren't any chairs only a little table in the middle of the carpet with attached kotatsu. On the right side sticking to the wall was a large gray sofa for guests. One wall was built as a giant window with moving parts, which led to balcony.

"Please follow this way." He led her through a short hallway which had three doors.

"The first room is mine, the second would be yours and the last door leads to bathroom and toilet."

Each time he spoke, he opened the doors and let her pear inside. His room had closed dark blue curtains and thus she couldn't see much. Just outlines of bunk bed.

Her room had on one side only closet. The floor was covered with carpet of color which she couldnt quite define. Something between pink, violet and green? There was also one large window with simple white embroidered curtain. There was no furniture, the room was filled with lot of bags and newspapers stacked up in little towers and many other things too.

"I use this one as storage room only temporarily, we would dispose of all the things as soon as you move in. I would like you to arrange this room yourself. It would be the best, so you could feel here like at home."

Last on the tour was bathroom. She expected it to be very small, but it wasn't. It had a large bath, a shower in the corner and toilet beside the sink.

She knew it already in the main room. She liked his place and knew she would feel comfortable there. Since the tour ended Bou-san invited her for a cup of tea.

"Please, sit down, I brew some tea now. Or would you like some soft drink? Though I am not sure I have some in the fridge. Ah, let me check it out first. Sorry."

Mai completely forgot her previous nervousness. It looked absolutely adorable observing Bou-san being nervous instead of her now. He looked really troubled searching all over the shelves in fridge.

He really did took effort to make her feel comfortable.

Naturally there was no soft drink in the house, so it took him even more time to gather all ingredients and prepare the tea. The whole while Mai sat there and watching his every action. He was so consumed by his task, he forgot her presence and payed less attention to keep his pride. He tripped various times, almost turned over the cups or burned himself on the kettle. In the end he managed to bring the tea in unharmed state and placed the plate on the little table before Mai with a bit embarrassed face.

"Thank you, Takigawa-san. The tea is really delicious."

"Ah, that pleases me. I am glad you like it. So, what do you think about the apartment. Is it to your liking?"

"I like it here a lot. It feels already very comfortable. I think I have no objections in staying."

They solved quickly the payment and the schedule of her duties and soon had agreement.

Perhaps it was the warm tea and the fluffy carpet tickling her feet, she didn't know exactly, but soon silence settled between them and a slow blush crept on her cheeks.

Mai knew she made a good choice.

The End